Sunday, September 20, 2009


We have a new family member his name is Chip.

He is as cute as pie. It is lovely and tiring to have this new energy in the house, he is busy exploring his new world and discovering what feels good in his mouth as he chews his way through our things.

I have felt really inspired over the past couple of days to put some fresh energy into my business we have painted the salon.

It is crisp white with a aqua blue feature wall, I love it the salon looks so much bigger and the feeling of being renewed has taken over, both in myself and in the salon!

I feel as if over the past few weeks, that I have wanted to bury my head down deep in the sand, and let life flow over me! But the last few days that has shifted which is so nice.

I am ready to get back out there with my yoga teaching, and the salon is so busy and for that I am grateful!

I have just finished reading mamamia by Mia Freedman and it was fantastic!

She wrote in a way that I relate to, she was so honest and open.

I love when people are like that, I guess because I am that way.

At times though I wish I was a little quieter with what I share, but that is how I connect and by reading about Mia I feel that she does the same!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I have just been on the most amazing holiday to Vanuatu. The island and people are so beautiful untouched by our modern western world. The people there live a simple life, compared to our crazy complexed world over here in OZ.

It made me have a good long look at my life and see that all the rushing around and trying so hard to make things happen is not worth all the fuss.

What really matters is family, making memories, and being true to myself and having a connection to spirit and if you open yourself up to living like this things just flow freely.