Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Amazing wonderful things happen to me, and my life all the time.

I know I am deeply guided by an invisible force.

One that nurtures me, one that cradles me, one that is always on my side, one that lets me know that things always work the way they do for a reason. Even if that reason is unclear.

And for that I am thankful, today I am living in grace and for that I am thankful!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Clearing my mind, cleansing my body....

I never get sick, never!! Today I feel as though I need a bit of me time. A little bit of space in my life to simply let go and breathe. To make space between my thoughts to find the silence, to find my centre, to find my truth. And I believe that I have manifested cold like symptoms to do just that.

To slow down and re connect within, I listen to that quite little voice inside who is busting to be heard, who is telling me "listen, let go, relax, breath and do no more".

I am honouring her by taking the day off from the salon tomorrow, I also have the next day off. Two blissful days to listen, relax and reignite my spirit, sip tea, hang out with my dogs, write letters and let go in a respectful way my cold like symptoms.

The photo is from my family's shearing shed, I am imagining myself there, so grounded, so still, so quite, so rich in family history. That place has a wonderful deep earthly smell that can clear even the most clouded mind. I love imagining myself there ........

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another wonderful weekend

My weekends just keep getting better and better.
Well this whole week was fun, I caught up with friends I haven't seen all year. The picture of the dog in this post is Ruby. (her dog).
I had dinner with a aunt and uncle who live interstate, lots of fun catching up on family news. Had a wonderful day today wandering around south bank, went to GOMA the art gallery and saw HUGE bunnies. It was a display there, then went out for a yummi dinner with good friends!!!

Such a wonderful weekend, it warmed my soul....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer is nearly gone.....

Nostalgic Musings

I am doing a online course at the moment called "Nostalgic Musings" it is so wonderful. I have only done one assignment so far, but I had a ball doing it!
I am a big journal writer, and through out this course Hope is teaching us how to make our journals look pretty. Here are some photos, our topic was our pets, and as some of you know I love Sooty and Chip. So it was really easy to do this one enjoy.....
P.S If you are interested in doing this course there is a button on the side of my blog, click onto it and you will be forwarded onto Hope's blog.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Borrowed words...

Today as my partner and I wandered through the mad rush of people in our local shopping complex, I over heard a girl talking to her sister on the phone. The reason I knew it was her sister is because of what she said sounded exactly like something I would say to one of mine.
The girl had a flowing mane of bright red coloured hair and was cute looking like a little pixie.
Pixie girl " I know I know, but this time we have to get a present for mum, that actually looks like it would be something that dad would get."
At this point I was hooked and walked a little closer to her.

Pixie girl "But we always get her things like that lets try and think what dad would buy her."

She was quite for a minute then said..

"Yes your right bad idea, lets just go with what I said before at least we know she will love it!"

That was it, I was finished stalking the pixie girl, I had a big giggle to myself, because that sounds so familiar.

Dad if your reading this yes I know you pick good presents for mum, but I know at times over the last 30 years of child rearing we have bought a few bits and bobs along the way.

When I came home and was thinking again, about the pixie girl it made me realise that really most of our fundamental relationships are the same. The daughters always boss around the dads and the mums always get great presents.

Well that's how it is in my family, or maybe that only happens when you come from a family of girls?

Happy Easter everyone x

Friday, April 2, 2010

More photos

More of my hundred photo challenge...