Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Muse

Australia Day

We have a tradition in the street I live in , that every Australia day we all get out in the street and play games and eat a bbq together. This year we had lamington eating contest, wheelbarrow races, thong (shoes) throwing, and you had to dress up in Australian clothes. It was fun, we live in one of the friendly, happiest streets around. I know I live a blessed life!
Next year it is my turn to organise the days events yay.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My word for the year!!

My word for the year is 'deconditioning'. I read lots of blogs and I noticed that there was a trend to pick a word that is the theme for your year. I wanted to be part of the trend so the above word is what will shape my year ahead.

To me the word means having original and independent thoughts.(funny that I just wrote that as I follow a trend of picking a word)

It makes me want to laugh out loud at our at times petty cultural habits and outdated beliefs. I feel I want to run from and never take on a sense of self importance. Through the process of deconditioning and listening deep within I will unveil the true me. Under all the conditioned layers and break free from the 'should do'. I will feel open and light and truly alive.

The above photo is from my 100 photo project that I am doing.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x

Monday, January 18, 2010

One Hundred Photo Challenge

I have decided to participate in a photo challenge called .

You pick a theme, anything that inspires you, then through out the year you take 100 photos. You add them to the one hundred photo flickr group. I am going to add them to my blog as well. My theme is

"My life and all that, that involves"

Here is my first of the 100 photos.........................

Friday, January 15, 2010

Letters from Nan

My family all live 9 hours away, and for the past 8 years my Nan and I have been penpals, we write to each other every week and share our day to day lives.
I love it and have found out so much about the women I look up to.
Under a few of her letters is a dress she gave me 2 years ago, it was made by her mother and worn on the day my pop asked her to marry him.
It is so amazing to have this and it was made from old curtains they had at the time!!

My little man

Chip has grown so much over the past few months!!

He is so funny, loyal, unpredictable, and gives us so much love and laughter.


She brings me so much joy. Her unendless love and joyful nature makes my heart sing!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I love the wonderful old things you find when you search through, your childhood bedroom.

I found a old diary that had the funniest, sweetest stories and thoughts in it. I look back now as my older self and think "wow I truly have grown into a woman". Things that seemed so important to a 13 yr old now seem so simple, and uncomplicated. I look back at my younger self and enjoy that I have a snapshot of my thoughts at that age!

I found the above wonderful nestle's tin my grand mother gave to me, I have bought it home and am enjoying looking at it. It brings memories back to me, of my childhood days.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A fresh start!

I love the new year, the fresh feeling of a whole year before you not yet unraveled.
A feeling of starting new, of being refreshed and excited and ready to take any thing on with a fresh perspective.
I spent Christmas at my folks in the middle of the country. It must be something about the fresh country air that clears my head, gives me a sense of direction, and gives me a whole new lease on what I want, and where I am going.
I love simply hanging with my sisters and being inspired by their stories of their lives, and feeling deeply connected with them.
This was the first time that I have been home that I have noticed how still it is out there. There is a deep quietness to the land, a sense of peacefulness that I felt cradled by. I felt nurtured and safe. Which was a big change after the rush of the salon, over the Dec month we didn't stop it was full on. I am so lucky to have a country retreat I can escape to each year. A wonderful family to go home to, and a place where I can simply be me.