Sunday, September 19, 2010

My first baby

I am just about to hand over my first baby to someone new...

My salon is now 8 years old so I feel that it is time for someone new to come in and manage the place whilst I am having my little one. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing!
I have to find someone new, and that in it's self is a little daunting, I have 4 beautiful girls who work for me but none of them are quite the right fit to run the shop while I step away.
I have interviewed a few but none of them felt right, but Wed this week I am meeting a girl who just feels right, well I thought that about the other 2 that didn't show. But this time it feels different. I am a positive person who sees the good in all which can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on what I am making the decision for.

I really want to be able to completely step away from the salon, and birth my child and have at least 4 months to welcome my little one into the world, then go back 2 days and just have fun there. Not manage it! I am putting it out there to the universe so I know that whatever happens will be of the highest good for all!! Wish me luck.

And someone wrote a comment about the new pink back ground and it being a hint... well maybe it is and maybe not?? We will see xx

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